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Creating bronze sculptures in the age-old tradition of lost wax casting means l work closely with a skilled team of foundry artisans. This collaboration ensures the highest quality, and assurance the work will be around for generations to come.


Bronze sculptures can be purchased via direct enquiries. This method allows for a personalized experience, and tailored purchase arrangement.

Depending on the availability of a chosen piece, you may be directed to and assisted by a gallery.

Sculptures are cast as the edition sells, with one or two casts kept in stock from each edition. If a chosen sculpture is not in stock, casting and finishing will take up to 10 weeks from the date of order. Regular updates are provided.

A 50% deposit is required upon placing an order and is non-refundable once the foundry begins casting. Balance is due once the bronze is ready for delivery. 

As each sculpture is individually hand cast and finished, patinas will vary slightly from piece to piece within an edition, making each one unique.

Please feel free to contact me regarding availability of a piece.


Payments are made easy via direct bank transfer.


Freight and insurance costs are added to the price and calculated on an individual basis.

Quote upon request.
All sculptures are packed with the utmost care.


When you purchase an Elizabeth Hersey bronze, you are receiving a piece of art of exceptional quality, cast in Australia at a fine art foundry and produced in small limited-editions.

Sculptures are signed, numbered, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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